"Vancouver Complication" CD

One of THE essential and classic albums of Canadian punk/hardcore history, finally available for the first time on CD. Originally released in 1979 on Pinhead Records, now re-released on CD by Sudden Death Records. The CD also includes five bonus tracks not on the original vinyl by Rude Norton, The Dishrags, & Tim Ray & the Druts. There is also a nice reprint of the booklet, as well as new liner notes by Phil Smith.

Tracks Include:
1. POINTED STICKS "The Marching Song"
2. EXXOTONE "Big Shot"
3. DOA "Kill, Kill, This Is Pop"
4. ACTIVE DOG "Fun While It Lasts"
5. WASTED LIVES "Wirehead"
6. SUBHUMANS "Death To The Sickoids"
7. U-J3RK5 "U-J3RK5 Work For Police"
8. PRIVATE SCHOOL "Rock & Roll Radio"
9. NO FUN "Mindless Agression"
10. DISHRAGS "I Don't Love You"
11. BIZ "Pork You"
12. EXXOTONE "Sideways"
13. YOUNG CANADIANS "I Hate Music"
14. ACTIVE DOG "Nothing Holding You"
15. SUBHUMANS "Urban Guerilla"
16. THE SHADES "New Clientele"
17. TIM RAY & A.V. "Quarter To Eight"
18. U-J3RK5 "Naum Gabo"
19. DOA "I Hate You"
20. No Fun "Old"
21. [e] "e925"
22. Tim Ray & The Druts "Dying In Brooklyn"
23. The Dishrags "Bullshit"
24. Rude Norton "Tits On The Beach"
25. Rude Norton "Sea Cruise"
26. Rude Norton "Gilligan's Island"