Verbal Abuse

"Rocks Your Liver" CD

The 20 year anniversary re-release of one of punks legends...Verbal Abuse. This release includes the 12 original tracks plus 12 extra tracks giving you close to 70 minutes of punk rock! Bonus tracks include never heard before studio, live, and on the air (radio) appearances. Check out track listing for more info. Get this and rock your liver out till it is bloody!

Track Listing:

1 V.A. Rocks Your Liver
2 Metal Melissa The Pissa
3 Set Me Free
4 Vengence
5 Worth A Try
6 Can't Stop Us Now
7 Ratt Pakk
8 Nothing Changes
9 The Chase
10 Time To Go
11 Best Friends
12 Saturdays Alright For Fighting
13 Fun, Fun, Fun (studio)
14 I Hate You (live)
15 Fun, Fun, Fun (live)
16 Saturdays Alright For Fighting (live)
17 Worth A Try (live)
18 Disntegration (live)
19 V.a. Rocks Your Liver (live)
20 American Band (live)
21 Generation Power (live On The Raido)
22 Ears Ringing (studio)
23 Living A Nightmare (studio)
24 Not So (Hidden Track) (studio)