"Murder Junkies" CD

TKO Records is proud to bring you this reissue of the notorious GG ALLIN & ANTiSEEN “Murder Junkies” album. Originally recorded in 1991, this album featured 10 tracks with GG ALLIN on vocals and ANTiSEEN providing the brutal backing soundtrack to his rants. At the time this was GG’s most brutal and over-the-top material to date, setting the direction that would follow on his later albums like “Brutality & Bloodshed For All.” This release has been given the full TKO reissue treatment as seen in the Vault Of ANTiSEEN series: -All tracks have been remastered -This release has been completely re-packaged with new artwork, including an 8-page booklet with many never-before-seen full color photos of GG in action taken from ANTiSEEN members’ personal archives. -5 bonus tracks have been added, including the tracks from the “Violence Now” single and the GG ALLIN & the CAROLINA SHITKICKERS 7” EP, which are from GG’s last ever recording session in 1993.

Track Listing:

1 Murder For The Mission
2 I Love Nothing
3 99 Stab Wounds
4 War In My Head
5 Sister Sodomy
6 Violence Now
7 Rape, Torture, Terminate, & Fuck
8 Kill The Police
9 I Hate People
10 My Prison Walls
11 Violence Now (single Version)
12 Cock On The Loose
13 Layin' Up With Linda
14 I Wanna Fuck The Shit Out Of You
15 Outlaw Scumfuc