INSTED Proud Youth: 1986-1991

The 100% complete discography for one of Southern California's straight edge pioneers. A 44 song retrospective that includes 4 never before released tracks as well as both their full lengths, their 7" ep, and original demo tape. Insted were one of the most prominent straight edge bands of the late 80's scene, playing what would now be considered classic hardcore with an ultra positive message.

The insert is a 10 page booklet which includes an introduction written by Dan O' Mahoney, tons of band photos, lyrics to almost every song, and a quote by Ray Cappo about Insted. The overall layout is what you would expect from a Complete Discography release.

1. One World 2. For The First Time 3. Better Days 4. Not For Me 5. Voice Your Opinion 6. Blind 7. Give Thanx 8. What Is True 9. No Rules 10. Age 11. Maybe Tomorrow 12. Seize Life 13. No Other Way 14. Reminder 15. From The Start 16. There's Nothing Like It 17. Get The Most 18. Feel Their Pain 19. I Will Try 20. We'll Make The Difference 21. Get The Most 22. The Challenge 23. Tell Me 24. United 25. Good Things 26. Choose For Yourself 27. Face To Face 28. Standing Still 29. Live And Let Live 30. Time To Change 31. Faith 32. Be Someone 33. At Last 34. State Of Confusion 35. Proud Youth 36. Be Someone 37. Choose For Yourself 38. Good Things 39. Time To Change 40. United 41. Proud Youth 42. Keep Right 43. Faith 44. State Of Confusion

Tracks 1-3 were recording in 2003 soley for this release. The songs were written right before the band broke up in 1991.
Tracks 4-15 were originally on the What We Believe LP from Epitaph Records 1990
Tracks 16-20 were originally on the We'll Make The Difference 7" from Nemesis Records 1989
Tracks 21-22 are previously unreleased that were supposed to appear on a Workshed Records compilation in 88/89
Tracks 23-35 were originally on the Bonds Of Friendship LP from Wishingwell Records 1988
Tracks 36-44 were the band's original demo tape from 1986

If you have not already heard, the band will be reuniting this summer for some shows to support the release. Three of them being on the east coast.
Friday June 25th with The First Step, Mental, Say Goodbye @ The Living Room in Providence, RI.
Saturday June 26th with The First Step, Triple Threat (Mouthpiece, Hands Tied, Face the Enemy)and Worn thin @ Bloomfield Ave. Café in Montclair, NJ.
Sunday June 27th with Kill Your Idols, Cause For Alarm, Vision and The First Step @ CBGB’s N.Y.C (Matinee)