Junior Achievement "Fade To Black"

Released on March 16, 2004
Malt Soda Recordings

Junior Achievement was formed in Phoenix in 1981. Todd Joseph (bass) and Steve Marinick (guitar) were previously in a short-lived band by the name of Fatal Alligiance. Upon splitting, Todd and Steve decided to work on putting something new together and began to look for new members. Todd & Jon Yousko (vocals) were good friends who met skating together at High Roller, an early cement skatepark (with 2 full pipes!). Todd asked Jon to be in the new band. Conveniently, Jon knew of a "young, ripping" drummer (Scott Chazan) he had met skating a local ramp a few months earlier. From here the band started, practicing in Scott's tiny bedroom in the blistering AZ heat. Junior Achievement played its first show in Tucson opening for their friends JFA. The band recorded its first and only album "Fade to Black" in the winter of 1984 (using only 2 tracks and about 8 hours of time) and then broke up late that year. Their last show was in Tempe opening for Social Distortion. After Todd and Scott decided to leave the band, Scott moved to L.A. and joined (Don't No) Steve and Jon continued with 2 new members. Danny Bland (Nova Boys) (Catt Butt) (Dwarves) (Best Kissers) came on and played bass and Bam Bam (JFA) came on to pound the skins. The new sound was much heavier and the band decided that a new name was in order. The new name, Fade To Black was short-lived due to a band with the same name in San Francisco. The band finally settled on The Harvest and played under that name for the next 2 years or so. The Harvest played its first show at the infamous Valley Art theater in Tempe opening up for The Vandals on Halloween. They recorded an 11 song tape that never got pressed before breaking up in 1985. The Harvest played it's last show at Tempe Diablo Stadium after winning the Best of Phoenix award for Best Underground Band..

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