Mellakka "R.I.P. Recordings 1984-1986 CD

Mellakka was one if not the best hardcore punk to come out of Finland in the early eighties. Straight forward and advanced crossover style with a strong hardcore backbeat, they were pioneers in everyway.
Mellakka was formed in a small Finnish coast/industrial town called Rauma in year 1983. At that time the future members of the band were spending time together listening punk rock. Bands like the Ramones, Sex Pistols, U.k. Subs and Lama were the first big names, but the final kick for forming a punk band, came, when the guys got a hold of discharge's Hear Nothing See nothing Say nothin LP and WHy? Ep.
During their relatively short career in the mid / late 80's, the band visited the recording studio 3 times, resulting 2 ep's and 3-song demo. Over the years these recordings have become very rare, due to the fact that there were only 1,000 copies pressed of each original 7" EP.

(1-6 EI... EP, 7-11 Itsenaisyyspaiva EP, 12-14 previously unreleased demo from 1986)

Track Listing:

01 Ei / Oikeus Valita
02 Traditio
03 Ei oikeutta
04 Ei Valtaa
05 Tuhoon Tuomittu
06 Syyllinen
07 Kiitollinen Kansalainen
08 R.I.P
09 Musta Valtakunta
10 Kirous
11 Itsenäisyyspäivä
12 Totuus II
13 Anti-Kaikki
14 Turhaa Taistelua