Gacy's Place: The Undiscovered Corpses


This is part of Alternative Tentacles' Punk Reissue Of Necessity series. Includes the GACY'S PLACE EP and previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Of all the hotly sought-after original Killed-By-Death punk singles, few to none are as notorious - or mysterious - as the "Gacy's Place" EP by The Mentally Ill. The sleeve, the topics, the so-horrible-it's-amazing production values, that voice. Many in the know crown it the sickest punk record ever made. But there is more - much more. The "Gacy's Place" sessions yielded eight songs - only three were ever released.

A dig in the ol' crawlspace turned up even cruder earlier demos with alternate versions of the EP songs, plus over half-a-dozen others, heard only by a handful of people. A true labor of man-boy love, it took Jello Biafra years to pry this loose from the band. They kept insisting each album be housed in a 3-foot wide scale model of Gacy's house itself!

Now their affliction has subsided enough so that everyone finally has a chance to save their $200 "evil-Bay" bucks and grab a whole album's worth of mental illness before their condition comes back. "Gacy's Place: The Undiscovered Corpses" compiles all three recording sessions by The Mentally Ill: The Starbeat Sessions, The Basement Sessions and The Crawlspace Sessions for a total of 20 tracks, nearly all previously unreleased!

Track Listing
1: "Gacy's Place" (1:28) 2: "Tumor Boy" (1:35) 3: "Doggie Sex" (2:00) 4: "Not Quite Dead Yet" (1:46) 5: "Padded Cell" (1:54) 6: "Split Crotch Straight Jacket" (1:15)7: "All Mixed Up" (1:44) 8: "Stalag 13" (1:54) 9: "Ballad of The Mentally Ill" (2:25) 10: "Dry Heave" (2:36) 11: "Tumor Boy" (2:46) 12: "Bathroom Gaze" (1:17) 13: "Cum Twat" (2:52) 14: "Smelly Boys" (2:35) 15: "Gacy's Place" (2:09) 16: "I Don't Need (You're Shit)" (2:57) 17: "Aryan Rock" (1:15) 18: "All Mixed Up" (2:23) 19: "Stalag 13" (2:34) 20: "Split Crotch Straight Jacket" (1:50)

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In the 20-year gap between Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and Korn, what do you do in a place like Bakersfield? Somehow four town mutants found each other and cooked up a stew of punk, goth and more than a bit of hardcore and surfaced briefly as Burning Image.

Jello Biafra was floored by a demo played only once on Maximum Rock n Roll and invited them to open for The Dead Kennedys in San Francisco. An amazing but now rare single followed, then the band disappeared. People who've blundered into the 7" with its stunning songs and Rudimentary Peni/Amebix- caliber artwork have been left wondering, "Who were these guys?"

Now it can be told. All 10 songs from the "Final Conflict" sessions produced by Chaz Ramirez (Adolescents, Social Distortion, Leaving Trains) plus 3 gems recorded later. Especially recommended for fans of TSOL's "Dance With Me" & "Beneath the Shadows" LP's, The Phantom Limbs, 45 Grave, early Christian Death, and the Batcave bands that rocked. A real find and a vital piece of goth/punk history!

Track Listing
1: "Time Is Running Out" (4:09) 2: "You've Changed" (3:05) 3: "The Lower Walks" (3:10) 4: "The Final Conflict" (3:25) 5: "Burning Image, Burning" (5:16) 6: "Love Mask" (3:07) 7: "Hives" (3:24) 8: "Prey" (3:24) 9: "Shadows" (3:34) 10: "The Image" (2:24) 11: "Gargoyles" (4:26) 12: "Anytime, Anywhere" (2:53) 13: "Temptation" (3:59)