In early 1977 The Weirdos's mighty sound and singular style were the Big Bang igniting the LA punk scene. After legendary records on Bomp, Dangerhouse and Rhino, The Weirdos released their debut LP, Condor, and the crucial Weird World Vol 1 on Frontier.
Weird World Volume 2: We Got the Neutron Bomb is a collection of rare studio and live recordings from their own private bomb shelter celebrating Weirdo year 26, proof that great things come to those who wait. There is time, and there is Timeless....


The Weirdos "We Got The Neutron Bomb" - Weird World Volume Two 1977-1989

FRONTIER RECORDS was founded in 1980 by Lisa Fancher. It was one of the first independent labels to document the nascent hard-core punk rock scene of Los Angeles, before branching out into other scenes and sounds such as the Paisley Underground and (always) guitar-based bands such as THIN WHITE ROPE, THE YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS and HEATMISER.
For twenty-two years, FRONTIER has maintained a small roster and dependable catalogue, making for a long and happy relationship with our reason-to-be: independent stores, ‘zines, stations and record buyers.

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Released on cd back in 1991, features unreleased material, A and B-sides from the original singles, and rare live tracks. All spanning 1977-1981!

It took 12 years, but the follow up cd Volume 2 has finaly arrived and was well worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Available since 1991 and 1992, these incredible cds compile rare and hard to find as well as previously unreleased recordings from Dangerhouse Records artists from the late 1970's!